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Home Theater Novelties & Home Theater Decorations

Metal Wall Art
Mirror Wall Art
Movie Reel Art
Novelties / Decorations
Picture Frames
Tables and Chairs
Post and Ropes
Rugs and Carpets

Movie Clapboard


Regular price: $27

Sale Price: $23

Dimensions: 12 W x 11 H

Theater Themed Coasters

Theater Themed Coasters

Regular price: $36

Sale Price: $31

   Absorbs Condensation

  Hardwood Holder

  Easy Clean Cork Back

  Set of 4 Designs (click here)

Out of stock

Theater Accent Lamps

Theater Projector Lamp

Theater Spotlight Lamp

Projector Lamp Spotlight Lamp

    Dimensions: 15" high


Sale Price: $49

Lamp Design:



Napkin holders

Theater Napkin Holder

Sale Price: $48

Black metal napkin holders in 6 designs (click here).

Dimensions: 5" wide (5 1/2" base)

Out of Stock


Mirror Dressing Room Stars

Stars Mirror Wall Art

Sale Price: $31

These Movie Theater themed star mirrors (are nice sized at approx 15" L x 15" W) and are the perfect finishing touch for decorating your home theater. Made from acrylic with your choice of text engraved in it.


Star lettering:
Out of stock

Paper Towel Holder

Theater Paper Towel Holder

Regular price: $78

Sale Price: $66


Black metal paper towel holder, available in 6 different designs (click here)

Update: Only 3 designs are still available (see pulldown below)

Dimensions: 8" tall x 5" wide

Out of stock

Other Items

There are so many great Home Theater Products - we can't possibly carry everything - but here are some items from our affiliates that you might like.


Custom Hollywood Award Trophies

Hollywood Trophies - Oscars

Offered by our affiliate


These award trophies resemble the ones at award shows like the Oscars and can be personalized with your own inscription.  Great for placing on a shelf or table in your home theater.


Hollywood Movie Reels

Hollywood Movie Film Reels

Offered by our affiliate


These movie reels make great wall decorations and are inexpensive - starting at only $10!




Door & Drawer Pull knobs
These knobs are great for using on drawers or  doors (such as cabinet or bi-fold doors) in your home theater.  Each knob is made from heavy duty metal and each is are available in 5 different finishes. Offered by our affiliate.

Admit One ticket door knob

Admit One Ticket strip knob

Admit one ticket knob

Admit One Ticket knob

Film reel knob

Film reel knob

Film reel knob v2

Film reel knob (ver 2)


popcorn knob

Popcorn knob


film strip knob

Filmstrip knob


Directos slate / clapboard knob

Directors slate knob


movie film knob

Film knob



Theatrical Wall Switch Plates

These theatrical Wall Switch Plates are made of metal and have a black gloss finish.  They are available in Toggle switch as well as Decora switch opening styles, and are available in 1, 2 or 3 continuous light switches (wall gangs).


Our theater themed wall switch plates come in the following 4 different theater themed designs:
(the single decora switch style is shown in images below)


Wallswitch Clapboard


Wallswitch Comedy/Tragedy


Wallswitch Movie Reel


Wallswitch ticket



Single Switch plate (1 gang)

Sale Price: $27

Switch type:
Out of stock

Double Switch plate (2 gang)

Sale Price: $29

Switch type:

Triple Switch plate (3 gang)

Sale Price: $32

Switch type:

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