Motorized Vent Register FAQ & Details



What is the purpose of the Motorized & Powered Vent  Zone Register?

It is designed to be used as a stand-alone register with its own thermostat to improve temperature control and save energy. It can also be used in place of zone dampers when dampers are not practical to install. This includes retrofitting an existing home with zone control, or a new home where dampers would not be accessible.


What are some applications?

In stand-alone (using a thermostat) applications, the vent can be used to control home theaters, bonus rooms, room additions, seldom-used rooms, basements, and garages. It can also be used with most zone control systems in place of zone dampers.  


It can be used for:

Rooms That Over-Heat or Over-Cool

The register can be used in any room (e.g., home theaters) to solve over-heating and/or over-cooling problems.


Bonus Rooms

Bonus rooms are usually located above the garage in single-story homes. The powered vent register is a low-cost way to help solve the eight (8) to ten (10) degree temperature difference between the upstairs bonus room and the main floor.


Seldom-Used Rooms

The motorized vent register can be used to reduce fuel costs by raising or lowing the temperature in seldom used rooms.



Which brands of zone control systems will work with it?

It will work with most residential / light commercial zone control systems. It also works with many standard thermostats.


Is there a limit to the number that can be used with a zone control system?

No; however, the VA and current draw cannot exceed the rating of the transformer and zone control panel. Isolation relays can be used if current limits are exceeded.


How is the motorized vent register installed?

Simply insert the register into the boot and run the two wires back to the thermostat and transformer (for stand-alone applications), or to the zone control panel for zoning applications. The wire may be run through the ductwork if plenum-rated wire is used.


Can it be wall, floor or ceiling mounted?



What are the configurations available?

It is available as either powered open for stand-alone applications, or powered closed for zoning applications.


Can any thermostat be used with the powered register for stand-alone applications?

Yes; however, the fan switch will not be used.


What type of signal / power is required from the zone control panel?

It requires a 24 Volt signal to power the register.


How far away can the vent be installed from the zone control panel?

It can be 300 feet away when using standard 18 gauge thermostat wire.


What is the warranty?

The motorized register has a three (3) year warranty.



Installation Instructions


Stand-Alone applications (for use with a thermostat)

The motorized vent register can be used as a stand-alone register for a room. It is recommended that no more than 30% of the existing registers be replaced with the motorized registers. Also, the registers must not be installed in the same room as the HVAC unit thermostat (to make sure that cool/warm air reaches the thermostat for the HVAC unit).  You can wire more than one vent to a single transformer by wiring the vents in parallel (just make sure the transformer can handle the load). 


See below for a schematic of how to wire the vent in this application (using the powered open version of the vent):



Zone Controller applications

The motorized vent can be used with a zone control system, the wires of the register motor should be connected to the proper damper terminals on the zone control panel. The vent connects the same as any standard powered closed / spring return open zone damper.

See below for a schematic of how to wire the vent for use with zone controllers:


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