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Heating & Cooling - HVAC

When designing a home theater, a commonly overlooked area is the heating & cooling your home theater.  Since you'll have a group of people with a hot TV/projector, it is important to have a way to control your theaters temperature, even if you're tapping into an existing HVAC system.  See below for several different products designed to make it easy to uniquely control your home theaters temperature.



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 Motorized Vents and Zone Dampers

Motorized Vent Register

Motorized zone vent register in Brown

Motorized zone vent register in Taupe

The Motorized Vent Register is an easy way to provide dedicated temperature control for your home theater - for either new or existing rooms!  

It is designed to be used with regular wall-mounted thermostat to eliminate over-heating and over-cooling problems in: home theaters, bonus rooms, room additions, seldom-used rooms, and basements - basically allowing you to create a unique thermostat control for any desired room. Simply run a 2 wires from a standard thermostat and from a 24 volt transformer (available below), and you are in business - no zone controller is needed!  Even if your room is already built, you can easily add the motorized vent register by simply replacing your existing vent and running the wires on the wall/baseboard surface.

This powered vent can also be used in place of standard zone dampers with a zone controller when duct work is not accessible,  making it easy to install an existing room.


See our Motorized Vent Register details for FAQs & Installation details.

 Made of high-impact plastic
 Easy to install & wire, no tools required
 Floor or wall mount
 Works with most zoning systems
 Can be used as a stand-alone register
 Available in White or Tan
 24 VAC, 0.26 amps, 6.5VA


Regular price: $110

Sale Price: $85

Vent size:
Power option:   Select 'Powered Open' to have that applying power opens the register (use this option when using with a thermostat), or select 'Powered Close' for zone controller applications.

Motorized Vent Transformer

Transformer for our Motorized Vent Registers (up to 6 vents can be wired in parallel if desired using this transformer).

Details:  24VAC output, 40VA, plug-in

Sale Price: $38


Stand-alone Zone Dampers

Stand Alone Zone Damper

Our stand-alone zone damper is a two position  zone control damper assembly designed to solve isolated over-heating and over-cooling problems for rooms such as home theaters.


This damper can be used to control a single room, or by using a number of dampers, zone multiple rooms. The duct sensor, auto changeover control and zone damper motor are pre-wired at the factory. Simply run two wires from a 24 volt transformer, three wires from the thermostat, and you are in business - no zone controller is needed!


Included on the zone damper is an automatic duct sensor that senses whether there is warm air or cool air in the duct.  If the thermostat is calling for cooling and the the sensor determines there is cool air in the duct, the damper will open (otherwise it will remain closed).  Similarilly, if the thermostat is calling for heat, and there is hot air in the duct, the damper will open.

  Powered open / spring return closed
  Auto changeover
  Minimum position adjustment
  24 Volt AC motor
  No control panel required
  A slave damper can be used to control a second duct run from the same thermostat
  Use only with low pressure air systems (1" of static pressure or less)

FREE Shipping!

6" diameter - $235


7" diameter - $242


8" diameter - $248


10" diameter - $264


12" diameter - $278


14" diameter - $297


16" diameter - $434


18" diameter - $449


Stand-Alone & Motorized Vent Thermostat

Thermostat for our Stand-Alone & Motorized Vents

We recommend this thermostat, the  Honeywell FocusPro 5000 (TH5110-D-1006) for use with our Stand-Alone and Motorized Vents.


Honeywell's FocusPRO 5000 digital thermostat offers the perfect blend of features and value that deliver the highest degree of temperature control accuracy. With the largest backlit digital display in its class, plus its simple operation and maintenance, FocusPRO provides homeowners with simplicity and comfort that's easy to see.


  Large, clear backlit display -- easy to read in various lighting conditions

  Simplified operation -- displays both room and set temperature at same time

  Easy Access Battery replacement -- flip out door allows for easy battery replacement without removing or disassembling the thermostat

  Precise Temperature Control -- maintains consistent comfort to the highest level of accuracy.

  #1 Choice of Homeowners -- Honeywell is the leading brand in temperature control.

  Single stage Heat/Cool

  Thermostat Dimensions: 4 1/2" x 3 3/8"

  Display size: 1.5"w X 1.375"h


Sale Price: $44

Motorized Vent Thermostat

Thermostat for our Motorized Vents

Though our motorized vents (see above) will work with many different types of thermostats, this thermostat also works very well with them.


Sale Price: $36

Retrofit Damper

Retrofit damper

The Retrofit Damper is an easy & inexpensive way to zone an existing home or building. With traditional round zone dampers, it is required that a section of the existing ductwork be removed and the damper be installed in this section. With the Retrofit Damper, a small 1 slot cut into the existing ductwork is all that is required. Then it is simply fastened to the ductwork with four zip screws. Installation is that simple!

Another benefit to the Retrofit Damper is its actuator. It uses a high torque, low power actuator. This allows up to 20 dampers to be wired directly to almost any zone control panel (no additional relays or transformers required). Installation is that simple!

Regular price: $130

Sale Price: $90

Duct size:


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